Band Bios and Articles

Music is one of Jill’s passions, and as a result, she has a profound interest in writing on the subject. If you are looking for a band bio to help your group get noticed by fans and labels alike, she can help. These bios can spice up your MySpace page, add some background to your webpage and help fans connect with you on a more personal level.lantzilla

Alternatively, if you are in the market for music articles or cd reviews, Jill has extensive experience interviewing musicians and depicting their sound through words.

To view a few examples of band articles, please read any of the following pieces: Teenage Harlots, The Dead Hensons and Eva Von Slut. When you’re ready to talk, please email Jill at or call me at 619-534-7884.

Creative Commons Licensed image of the Teenage Harlots Courtesy of Flickr user lantzilla.