segozymeWhy should you have an FAQ section on your site?

A Frequently Asked Questions section can help visitors understand your business, address common customer issues and, in turn, you may generate more page views and more customers.

Are there any other benefits to having FAQs on your site?

Yes. FAQ pages are also an excellent way to add relevant SEO keywords to your website without worrying about getting flagged by Google for keyword stuffing.

Why should you hire me to write your FAQs?

I have written a number of FAQ sections for a variety of websites, including BrickfishRankmytattoos and portions of the FAQs on the NeatoShop. I have also put together a FAQ section on domestic violence and a threepart piece on drunk driving for The Law Offices of Peter Liss.

What does my pricing for FAQs include?

Estimates for this type of project will include usability testing or research to uncover potential user questions, which will then be translated into functional Q&As that can provide solutions for these problems.

Creative Commons Licensed image courtesy of Flickr user Ségozyme.