Legal Content

bloomsberriesLaw is a complex and detail-oriented field. Unfortunately, many of the people best qualified to write on the subject are far too busy to do so. In these situations, it is important to hire someone with experience and knowledge writing for the legal industry. During Jill’s employment with Cyberlink Technologies, she focused her time on building SEO-friendly content for attorney websites.

When you need a legal content writer, look no further. Jill has written websites for multiple attorneys, including The Law Offices of Bolt & Hoffer and The Law Offices of James Whelpley & Associates -a personal injury firm and a bankruptcy firm, respectively. Legal issues she has covered include mesothelioma exposure, workplace discrimination, medical malpractice, family law, criminal defense, lemon law, personal injuries, bankruptcy and more. She has written content for these issues throughout the US, requiring extensive research about the local laws and penalties associated with each attorney’s operating area .

If you have any questions regarding Jill’s experience with legal content, feel free to call her at 619-534-7884.

Creative Commons Licensed image courtesy of Flickr user bloomsberries.