This newsletter was crafted for the promotional products company, National Pen. It serves as a sterling example of a newsletter that does more than sell. It instead serves to enrich the customer’s life. Creating useful promotional copy is key in assuring your message is read and retained by your clients.

PRIVATE SALE Club Members – TIP #6
New Ways to Say Thanks

Hold a company event filled with games and awards. Offer one or more low budget promotional items, like Yo-Yo’s, to attendees to help them remember the event and your generosity. Give out a few higher end products to your hardest working workers to motivate everyone to keep up their great work.

Give gifts in all of your shipments, shopping bags, or with your invoices to thank customers for their business. An inexpensive, branded item of gratitude can help drive future sales and referrals when they remember your company always takes the extra step to ensure satisfaction. Lightweight products, such as Emery Boards, will make an impact without adding extra postage cost.

Thank employees who keep customers happy. When your workers see rewards for treating a customer right, they’ll be more motivated to keep your clients feeling appreciated. It’s a win-win for everyone involved –especially you. Your employees are sure to appreciate a Garden Kit.