Product Descriptions

giantmicrobesnewHaving a hard time creating clever copy for your shop’s inventory?  Don’t feel bad, it’s not a skill everyone can master. Fortunately, it is a talent Jill Harness has conquered. Over at Neatorama, the shop’s witty shirt and novelty descriptions include a wide selection of puns and fun trivia.

Take, for example, the Giant Microbes pages.  Here’s the story of Black Death:

The 1347 to 1353 Black Death plague took out anywhere between one third and one half of the European population. Our little black friend here was transmitted via fleas that were infesting rats.

Lest you think this toy is outdated, be aware that thousands of cases of plague are still reported to the World Health Organization every year.

Without treatment, the disease will multiply up to a week before victims experience low energy, fever, headaches and chills. The most notorious symptom of the bubonic plague is the swelling of the lymph nodes, resulting in buboes.

Own a piece of history by bringing home a replication of the little microbe that completely changed Medieval Europe.

Or perhaps a Mad Cow microbe is more your style:

She’s deadly. She’s angry. She’s bovine. She’s everything you’ve ever hoped for from a Mad Cow Giant Microbe.

Mad Cow disease causes spongy degeneration in the brain and spinal cord. This condition is deadly and has affected those in the UK the worst. In February 2009 alone, over 164 people died in the country. Scientists believe humans catch the disease through consumption of the brain and spinal cords of infected cattle. Cows are infected through exposure to food that contains carcasses of other cattle.

If you’ve ever thought Mad Cow was a cute name for a horrendous disease, now is your chance to own a plush toy even cuter than its namesake.