I’m Content Writer Jill Harness

Whether SEO, commerce, or journalistic, all writing should be as unique as the individual reading it. I create original content that helps websites stand out. While my webpage is still under construction, I hope it provides sufficient insight into my versatility and strengths. Have any questions or interested in working together? Send me an email.

About Me

I believe writing should have a soul. Let me bring your project to life.

Adding a Spark of Joy to the Mundane

Some people have a handful of interests their whole life; others, like myself, find beauty and wonder in everything. In my career, this has given me the flexibility to dive deep into multiple topics, learning the ins and outs of home improvement, criminal law, neurodivergence, parenting, and more.

While I started my career path by studying journalism at San Francisco State University, I have since expanded my writing skills to include SEO, commerce, newsletters, and more.

Whatever your writing needs, I can help you meet your goals. Please contact me to discuss your project.

Writing Services I Provide

Don’t see your project type here? Contact me, and we’ll see if we can work together.

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Search Engine Optimization

I love the challenge of working keywords into natural-sounding content that ranks well in national and local searches. My SEO experience includes researching keywords, performing content audits, tracking analytics, and monitoring backlinks.

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Commerce Articles

Contrary to popular belief, affiliate-marketing-based content does not need to consist of useless fluff. I specialize in creating entertaining and educational articles that can still help promote sales and increase revenue.


While I don’t do hard-hitting news content, I love researching, interviewing experts, and relying on first-hand knowledge to produce compelling, insightful pieces on topics ranging from pop culture to gardening.

Sites I’ve Worked With

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Work Experience

Since 2008, I have freelanced professionally, contributing to many top blogs and sites online.
Here are some of the companies I have worked with on a long-term basis.

Leaf Group


I have contributed to various Leaf Group properties, including Leaga Beagle, Cuteness, eHow, Bizfluent, Chron, and Hunker, which I contributed to exclusively since 2020. While I primarily wrote SEO and commerce-focused content for Leaf, I eventually became one of the top writers at Hunker. Over time, I was given additional tasks, including performing SEO renovations and consolidating overly similar articles to prevent keyword cannibalization.

The Law Offices of Peter M. Liss


, my work with Mr. Liss involved adding new keyword-based content, but my role has since expanded to include all types of SEO work. I perform keyword research, light coding, analytics, competitor research, and backlink services to boost his rankings for common and long-tail keywords in local, mobile, and desktop searches.
My contributions to the website lead to it being ranked by Feedspot’s as the #24 Criminal Law blog online.

Mental Floss


I freelanced with Mental Floss for nearly a decade, contributing everything from short news and link blurbs to features over 4,000 words in length. My article, “5 Famous Novels Penned in Under a Month,” was published in their book The Curious Reader.

Encyclopedia Britannica


Before they cut their reviews section after a few short months, I contributed many well-researched, educational lists and reviews to this site. While the content was ultimately designed to sell products through affiliate links, the primary goal was always to provide useful for readers.



My work with Neatorama started with short 100-word posts that linked to other sites. Over time, I began contributing lengthy features to the site and took over the social media accounts for the main page and their tee shirt company, the NeatoShop.

What My Clients and Editors Say

I strive to tell the best story possible while still meeting deadlines and incorporating feedback from
clients and editors. Here are some recommendations from Attorney Peter M. Liss of VistaCriminalLaw.com, Jamie Birdwell-Branson, former editor at Hunker.com, and Alex Santoso, owner and founder of Neatorama.com:

Peter M. Liss

Jill is both a super-talented writer and SEO specialist. She is very attuned to the needs and nuances of your business and works tirelessly to ensure your social media platforms are visible and easy to navigate. Jill truly cares about her clients and is always available to discuss your concerns and solve any issues you may have. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking professional writing or assistance with their social media sites.  

Jamie Birdwell-Branson

Jill is a true editor’s dream. She not only does everything asked of her on an assignment brief —but she turns it into something engaging, interesting, and downright beautiful. She’s also incredibly creative, coming up with buzzy story pitches that can double as SEO pieces. One of my favorite articles we collaborated on together was a piece on creating a good sleep environment for your child —a shining example of what service journalism ought to be: engaging, entertaining, and helpful for all walks of life. 

Alex Santoso

Jill’s awesome! She’s been managing Neatorama’s social media since 2008, but that’s not all that she can do. She’s amazing at writing and coordinating special photo projects as well. Jill’s incredibly skilled at what she does and always puts her heart and soul into a project.